A comprehensive RAID Mirroring solution for Snow Leopard.  Increase security AND performance with easy to use multi-pane Mirrors.

System Requirements:  Mac OS X 10.6.2 or later,  Intel 64-bit processor.

About aMirrorVault

An easy to use RAID Mirroring solution that unleashes the 64-bit processing power of Snow Leopard.  aMirrorVault is a suite of fully integrated applications for creating, monitoring and verifying multi-pane Mirrors.  AMV Mirrors not only increase the security of your data, but also significantly improve the performance of your system.

Additional features and functions include:
    Spare Panes to automatically replace damaged Panes.
    Live Snapshots to backup your data.
    Bootable Mirrors to protect your OS.
    Media accessible on any Mac computer.
    Status and Monitor apps update you on Mirror conditions.
    Performance Tool clocks read speeds of Mirrors and other media.


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Call for information